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Custom-Milled Fabrics and Quality Covers

• Custom-milled fabrics chosen for durability and comfort

• Dual quilted layers create cradling comfort, added pressure relief, and improved durability

EssentialGel™ Foam

• Gel Foam keeps you cool so you sleep better Responsive feel and pressure-relieving comfort

SupportSense™ Silhouette Comfort Foam

• Delivers a comfortable supportive sleep surface all-night with firm support Rolling peaks & valleys contour to the body for pressure relief, improved spinal alignment, and breathability for the perfect temperature.  Works with other mattress layers to distribute weight more evenly as you move, reducing partner disturbance.

Advanced IsoCore™ Support System with Edge Zoning

• Unique design ergonomically supports the body and reduces partner disturbance with zoned edge support for better stability and consistency Open design ensures airflow, breathability and efficient heat transfer

SupportSense™ Comfort Foam

Delivers a comfortable sleep surface with firm support Long-lasting and resistant to body impressions

Always CertiPUR-US®

Certified Foams Certified foams made without harmful chemicals

Skyline 11" Hybrid Luxury Firm

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Murphysboro: (618) 777-6763
Marion: (618) 440-1748
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